Participating Artists and Organizations

Directive Team

Carmen-Helena Téllez, Artistic Director

Gregory Geehern, Associate Conductor and Managing Producer

Resident Artists and Scholars

Jan Harrington, conductor

Marianne Kielian Gilbert, scholar

Artists and Advisors with Aquava New Music

Cary Boyce, composer

Alain Barker, producer and flutist

Featured and Collaborating Artists and Organizations 

Alexa Capareda, dancer

Alissa Prenzler, soprano

Andrew Nemeth, tenor

Ayako Kato, choreographer

Benjamin Liupaogo, tenor

Benjamin Stone, bass

Brandon Hollihan, tenor and assistant conductor

Camilla Tassi, projections designer

Caleb Wenzel, Assistant Conductor

Chía Patiño, stage director

Christopher Preissing, composer, sound designer

Colin Raybin, choreographer and dancer

Ear Taxi New Music Festival, Chicago

Elliott Smith, baritone

Emily Swope, soprano

Ensemble Concept/21

Erin Donegan, mezzo soprano and children chorus master

Gregory Spears, composer

Gwendolyn Terry, installation artist

Howard Eckdahl, tenor and assistant conductor

Ileana Péez-Velázquez, composer

Inés Guruceaga, social tools and outreach

Jacquelyn Matava, mezzo-soprano

James Allington, sound designer

Jamie Caporizo, mezzo-soprano

Jason Eck, bass-baritone

Jessica Roberts, soprano

Jorge Muñiz, composer

Joshua Boggs, countertenor and assistant conductor

Justin Appel, baritone

Katrina Keat, soprano and assistant conductor

Luisa Valeriano, poet

Mario Lavista, composer

Natasha Stojanovska, piano

Nich Sikorsky, lighting designer

NON:op  Open Opera Works

Pianoforte Foundation, Chicago

Richard Bolton recording engineer

Richard Tang-Yuk, conductor, producer

Samantha Dotterweich, soprano

Sharon Harms, soprano

Shulamit Ran, composer

Teatro Nacional Sucre, Quito, Ecuador

University of Notre Dame

Wesley Dunnagan, tenor

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