Dancer Alexa Capareda in a still from the video of Dreaming/Undreaming.

Kosmologia is excited to announce the presentation of Dreaming/Undreaming during the exciting Ear Taxi Festival of Chicago on September 18 and 19, 2021, at the recital all of the Pianoforte Foundation, 1335 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605. (Scroll down their page for practical information on parking and dining in the vibrant South Loop section of Chicago).

Dates and Times:

Saturday September 18, 7:30 pm

Sunday, September 19, 3 pm

Tickets are $20 (regular) and $12 (students) and will be available shortly on the same page.

Inspired by tales of the masterful and controversial Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges Kosmologia creates a unique visual and musical experience, an art-music video where we travel between worlds of persuasive dreams and deceptive realities in our universe.  A piano recital played live by brilliant Natasha Stojanovska progresses seamlessly between original compositions created by Carmen-Helena Téllez specifically for this project in conversation with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, the master of polyphony. As she plays, she elicits video images created by Camilla Tassi and Ryan Belock, projected as part of an integral aural and visual experience.

There will be two versions of this project. In the first concert on Saturday, September 18 at 7:30 pm, Dreaming/Undreaming will deliver the relationship between videos and the music originally designed by the project creators. In the second concert on Sunday, September 19 at 3 pm, the audience will be asked to select the order of the videos to accompany the music. The audience is encouraged to attend both versions, to enjoy the diversity and surprises of perception once the video order changes between them.

Piano/Natasha Stojanovska

Movement/Alexa Capareda

Video Design/Camilla Tassi and Ryan Belock

Dramaturgy/Chia Patiño

Music/Johann Sebastian Bach and Carmen-Helena Téllez

Concept and Artistic Direction/Carmen-Helena Téllez

Dreaming/Undreaming was commissioned as a purely online video experience by The Princeton Festival and its Artistic Director Gregory Geehern for presentation in its virtual season of 2021. It premiered June 17, 2021 in their online platform, with artistic direction by Carmen-Helena Tellez, dramaturgy by Chia Patiño, and videos by Camilla Tassi and Ryan Belock, framing the pianistic virtuosity of Natasha Stojanovska and the electric movement of Alexa Capareda.

Carmen-Helena Téllez and the artistic team of Dreaming/ Undreaming discussed some of the issues surrounding the creation of the online version of the work in a panel discussion hosted by Gerg Geehern, Acting Artistic Director of the Princeton Festival:

A second interview of artistic director and composer Carmen-Helena Téllez and of video artist Camilla Tassi was hosted on Facebook Live by Becky Brett, interim executive director and Eva Kastner-Puschl, director of business administration of the Princeton Festival.

Carmen-Helena Téllez explains that she did not select any specific story by Borges, but rather paid homage to their ability to project different realities at once. When the commission from the Princeton Festival was confirmed, she proposed the challenge to Camilla, Chia, Natasha and Ryan. Soon after Ryan proposed contacting Alexa, with whom he had collaborated a few years earlier at the University of Texas in Austin.

Carmen also decided that the complementary world of reality and dreams would manifest as a piano recital, to be played by Natasha, in which the music of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier would represent a world of exquisite order and emotion, known by many of us, contrasted by original connecting “promenades” written by Carmen, that would separate the listener from that which is known and loved to lead them to something unknown and unexpected. After this decision was made, each artist entered into a free ongoing conversation to weave the artwork into existence, each one contributing their specific artistic discipline and sensibility.

Dreaming/Undreaming can be categorized as a piano recital with video, or as an art-music video. Kosmologia defines it as an interdisciplinary work where all the participating artistic disciplines (music, dance, video art, drama) affect each other’s language and methodology, and all artists have equal say.